MotorHeal Automotive leather care kit


The interior leather care and restoration kits  allow your cars interior the look and feel of pure, pampered, pleasure. Giving you the satisfaction of desired experience

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A fantastic  product especially for those who wish to keep the car’s leather features young.

This kit contains:

  • Cleaning DETERGENT- Is a cleaning foam based on natural components that dissolve and remove all types of dirt from leather.
  • Leather Protector-ReHydrator- Is suitable for restoring suppleness and shine to leather that has become dried and cracked over time.

Is an anti-aging moisturizing milk that combat UVA rays, which is necessary for preserving the natural balance of leather.

  • Ink remover –For removing those  nasty fresh ink marks on your precious leather.
  • The individual packaging echoes back to personal cosmetics, to accentuate the distinctiveness of the product where it is not merely a care product for your car, but an authenticbeauty product able to protect the leather by promoting the conservation of its natural softness and resistance.