Rim protector FAQ

frequently asked questions 

Q: Will Rim Skins fit onto my rim?

A: The uniqueness of the Rim Skins design is that it can fit up 95% of rim types in any size rim; Rim Skins will follow the gradual rises and falls of your rim by blending onto the rim. Rim Skins is a flexible polymer rubber that can mould around most wheel designs. Rim Skins does not necessarily require a 100% flat service all around the wheel and therefore can accomodate gradual rises and falls of your rim design. You can get Rim Skins for rims as small as 8" and as large as 24". Please use these pictures as a guide. If you are uncertain, we are here to help! Email us a pic of your rim to info@motorheal.co.za.

Q: If I have a 15" Rim do I have to pay the same as someone who has 23" rims.

A: Not in all cases; if you are the DIY type you may purchase individual sizes from our online partners @ www.motorheal.co.za

Q: How does Rim Skins fit onto my rim?

A: Rim Skins is made from two parts: Polymer & 3M 5403 Heat Bond Tape. Rim Skins adheres to your rim via 3M 5403 Heat Bond Tape this tape creates a very reliable bond between the Rim Skins and the Rim Surface. This product and other 3M products are commonly used in the automotive industry. 

Q: Why is Rim Skins cheaper than other Rim Protectors?

A: Shipping economics! Rim Skins is bought in bulk and repackaged in South Africa, we can pack much more in the same space our competitors pack 1 unit. This simply means that we can ship more for less, thus making our prices lower. More is not always better! 

Q: Does Rim Skins protrude off my rim making it look cheap and obvious?

A: No, Rim Skins has been designed not to protrude passed your tyres natural rim protection, making the rim look odd or oversized. All tyres have thicker sidewalls that are meant to bulge slightly pass the rim. The tyre acts as a natural rim protector, in most cases your tyre collides with the pavement first and then your rim. A rim protector that protudes past this point is actually bringing your rim closer to the pavement and thus increasing the odds of colliding with the pavement. Your tyre is designed to take the punch before your rim. 

Q: Can I install Rim Skins if I already have some damage on my rims?

A: Yes, you can cover most gutter rash with Rim Skins. Please follow the instructions in your kit or contact us for more information. If you suspect that your rim is cracked, please seek an expert opinion.

Q: What if I have wheel weights on my rims?

A: In 99% of cases, a rim with wheel weights looks like the rim in the picture above labelled unsuitable. These rims typically have a very thin edge where these wheels weights have been clamped onto. These edges are too narrow for our product, sorry!

Q: How well do I have to clean my wheels before installing Rim Skin?

A: The better you clean your rims the better Rim Skins will work. Typically a rim builds up layers of grime and silicone on the rim edge, this is mainly becuase car washes make use of a silicone based tyre and mag shine. These dressing are invisible to the eye and normal washing and cleaning is not sufficient. The first step in preparing your rims is too give them a good wash with warm water and a good degreaser/dishwasher soap. We have included a degreaser, alcohol wipes and a adhesive promoter in our DIY kits with a full set of instructions. We also have a full video tutorial to show you step by step how to get the best results.  Click here------------

Q: How well do Rim Skins protect my rims?

A: Rim Skins is designed to be a sacrifical layer between your rims and an object that can cause rim scuffs, these are typically the scuffs that incur at normal parking speeds. Rim Skins cannot protect rims in all cases such as higher speed incidents. Much like a car's bumper, at parking speeds bumpers can take small knocks without causing damage to the vehicle, a collision above parking speed may cause damage to your vehicle. Watch our videos Here

Q: How long has Rim Skins been around?

A: Rim Skins was invented in 2005 in Australia, and has been in South Africa since 2013 and going strong. More cars are installed with Rim Skins than any other. 

Q: How long will Rim Skins last?

A: Rim Skins generally lasts the life of a tyre, in most cases the Rim Skins takes the brunt of the brutal force used by tyre changing equipment. It is therefore best to install Rim Skins before fitting new tyres. Rest assured that a damaged Rim Skin has potentially saved your rim from being damaged during the tyre changing process. Some companies claim that there product can be used after a tyre change, however they dont tell you that it is very unlikely that your tyre changing company will know how to re-install or have the time as the installation process is quite cumbersome. The re-installtion of these products will in most cases cost the same as a brand new set of Rim Skins. 

Q: Will Rim Skins fade over time?

A: No, with regular cleaning and continued exposure to the sun your Rim Skins will not fade. Rim Skins is not made from plastic that fades.

Q: How do I clean my Rim Skins?

A: Normal mag wheel de-greasers or cleaners usually do a great job, for stubborn stains, household handy andy does the trick. Rim Skins South Africa recommend Emzone quality car cleaning products that can be purchased from www.motorheal.co.za

Q: Can Rim Skins come off & damage my vehicle?

A: If Rim Skins is installed correctly and the rim is on our suitable list it will not come off at high speed. However, we all know that anything can happen, however, with RIm Skins you can rest assured that should the product come off for any reason it is highly improbable that any damage shall occur as the product is made from a soft polymer compound and not a hard material such as plastic. 

Q: Can Rim Skins be removed off my rim?

A: Yes, Rim Skins can be safely removed from your rim. The best method is to lift up the joint ends and slowly pull the rim skins in a sideways angle parrallel to the tyre. (Don’t pull quickly straight up off the rim) When done with patience, much of the adhesive tape often remains attached to the Rim Skins & the amount of adhesive tape residue remaining on the rim will be limited. To remove any residual tape you can use a simple adhesive remover to help the process. Let the adhesive remover soak into the residual tape and start wipping up with strong clean cloth or hard rubber eraser. You can also rub your thumb on the tape and roll it off the rim like you would prestick off a surface.

Note: if you need more assistance or not sure what adhesive remover to buy, drop us a line or purchase our 3 M removal kit by clicking here

Q: Can I buy a single spare Rim Skin?

A: Yes. Single Rim Skins can be purchased from us. Click here.

Q: Can I put my Rim Skins through a car wash?

A: Yes. Rim Skin can stand up to repeated car washing including drive through wash bays.

Q: Will changing tyres damage my Rim Skins?

A: Unless care is taken and the proper equipment used, Rim Skins can be damaged during Tyre changes. A good method to reduce the chances of damaging your Rim Skins is to ask the Tyre changers to make sure they ass extra lube to the Tyre bead and the rim skins while removing and fitting your new Tyre's. This method is not full proof but rest assured that your rims were protected during this aggressive process. In many cases the Tyre changing process can actually damage your rims. In the example on the how to video page.

Q: Can wheel alignment and balancing still be done with the Rim Skins installed?

A: Yes, Rim Skins does not protude off your rim passed the natural built in protection of your tyre sidewall. Alignment equipment can therefore still be used with Rim Skins installed.